Often those who put their lives at risk for our great nation, do not receive adequate support when they return. It is Empower Heroes desire to fill that void, in whatever way necessary. 

Empower Heroes is a charity started by two friends with one thing in common: amazing veteran fathers. They are our heroes and lived every day with humility, kindness and generosity. But like all true heroes, they would have balked at that notion. They both came from little and rose to great heights personally and professionally. They served their country proudly and treated their families and friends with love and respect.

In honor of Robert Korba and Alan Kennebeck, Empower Heroes was created to assist military veterans and their children with scholarships and educational opportunities. It is our goal to create a better life for proud veterans and their families. We will validate and honor our heroes for all that they have done for us and will do in the future. After all, that is what our fathers would have done.

The Empower Heroes Mission:

  • Give purpose and hope to veterans, remind them of their value in society and give recognition to their heroic actions
  • Further veterans’ education and follow through on job application and placement
  • Honor veterans’ children and bring their story to light
  • Aid veteran charities with guidance, infrastructure and funds
  • Administer medical attention and rehabilitation as needed
  • Provide a network of veteran charities and partners



Interested in helping the cause?
Follow the link below to make a donation! 

For other inquiries, email info@empowerheroes.com.